CNH Industrial Italia S.p.A., a company duly organized and existing under the laws of Italy with registered office in Turin, via Plava 80, Italy, ("CNH Industrial" or the “Promoting Company”) intends to launch and promote the present Contest (the “Contest”) under the following terms and conditions.

1.Contest subject

The present Contest offers the Participant the chance to inspire and develop their creativity proposing ideas and suggestions for the creation of custom contents for the livery of the Series CASE Wheel Loaders, produced by CNH Industrial with the brand CASE Construction Equipment (“CASE”).

CNH Industrial will collect the creative ideas and suggestions received, reserving the right to use them to realize the said special livery.

2.Territory and applicable Law

Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.

The present Regulation is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Italy.

3.Website of reference and server’s ownership

In order to participate to the Contest, each Participant shall register to the website  (the “Website”).

The Promoting Company declares that the server for the collection and handling of the data concerning the Contest is located in Italy, at the company SERVERPLAN S.r.l, with registered office in Via G. Leopardi 22, 03043 Cassino (FR), Italy.


The Contest will have the following duration: from December 19th, at 4 pm to February 10th, 2017, at 6 pm, last deadline for the submission of the Projects (the “Participation Period”).

The Jury’s meeting will take place on February 16th, 2017 and the Contest winner will be announced on February 20th, 2017.

5.Eligibility Criteria

The participation to the Contest is opened only to all the persons older than 18 years, who are resident or living in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Spain and Germany and have a account (hereinafter, the “Participant” or “Participants”).

6.Prize for the winner     

The Participant, first awarded, shall have the right to participate to a promotional and exclusive event during which he will experience the Brand Case at 360°. The event, organized by CNH Industrial, will take place in Turin in the first semester of 2017 and will include a dinner, the transportation costs (to be defined on the basis of the city of residence of the winner) and one overnight stay in a hotel closely located to the event, for an approximate value of Euro 700 €, including taxes.

7.Terms and conditions for the Contest participation and Projects submission

In order to participate to the Contest, each User shall register to the Website by clicking on the bottom “log in” and accepting the option “Log in with Facebook”. The Participant shall use his own Facebook account to log in and insert his e-mail address and password. Once logged in, the Participant must fill the other field by inserting name, surname, e-mail, city and country of residence and shall accept the terms and conditions of the present Regulation as well as agree the processing of his personal data for the purposes listed in the privacy statement therein attached, that the Participant declares to have read and accepted. Only once the Participant has inserted the above data and accepted the terms and conditions of the present Regulation as well as has read the privacy statement and agreed to the processing of his personal data for the Contest’s participation, the log in will be completed.

Once registered, each Participant shall follow the instructions for uploading and submitting the Projects.

After the registration is completed, each Participant shall upload in the platform graphic design projects to create custom contents for the livery of the CASE Wheel Loaders, to be overlapped above the original livery (the “Projects”).

The Participants shall submit the Projects with files in .jpg or PNG format with a maximum authorised weight of 15 MB and upload them in the dedicated Website’s space.

Each Participant shall submit a maximum of 10 Projects/files.

The correct submission of the Projects/files is the sole responsibility of the Participant uploading them. CNH Industrial shall not be responsible for any lost Projects/files.

Once the Projects are submitted, the Participant will not be allowed to change or delete them.

The Participant will receive an e-mail to confirm that the Projects have been successfully submitted, under CNH Industrial’s approval. If no such communication is received, please send an e-mail to the following address:

In no way, CNH Industrial shall accept Projects/files containing images not coherent with the Contest’s subject or considered, at the sole discretion of the Promoting Company, offensive and/or harmful to public morals or against moral, civil and religious beliefs.

The Project will be selected by CNH Industrial and published on the Website. Each Project can be shared on the Participant’s Facebook profile/page.

8.Jury evaluation process

Once received all the Projects, after the expiration of the relevant submission deadline, CNH Industrial will make them anonymous and will present them to a technical jury of 3 professionals operating in creative fields.

The Jury shall be composed of the following representatives:

  1. Head of CNH Industrial Design Center;
  2. EMEA, Communication Manager;
  3. Global Brand Marketing Manager.

The jury shall take into consideration all Projects uploaded on the platform, regardless of whether or not the Projects (i) have been shared on the Brand Case Facebook page (the Promoting Company may share the Projects on the Brand Case Facebook page with the sole purpose to enliven its own communication and promote the present Contest) or (ii) have received appreciation (i.e. by means of likes, comments, posts and/or shares) by the other Facebook Users.

The Projects will be evaluated according to the following 3 (three) criteria:

- originality of the Project submitted;

- compliance with the values of the brand CASE:

•             Heritage;

•             People/Passion;

•             Hands on;

•             Problem solving;

- aesthetic features of the Project.

For each Project received, the Jury shall assign a score (from 1 to 5) on the basis of the above criteria and, subsequently, draw up a written classification. The Project receiving the higher score shall be the winner; all the other Participants in order of classification will become reserves. 

CNH Industrial shall communicate the Contest’s results to the winner by e-mail. In case the winning Participant will not respond within 48 hours from the above communication, the prize will be assigned to the first reserve and so on until the definitive award of the prize.

9.Liabilities, declarations and warranties of the Participants

The Participant shall participate to the Contest only once; in case the Promoting Company is made aware that one Participant has registered himself with more than one account, shall be entitled to exclude the above Participant from the Contest.

Each Participant guarantees that he is the sole and exclusive author of the Project he submits, and he represents and warrants to:

  • own all the rights (included any intellectual and industrial rights) related to the Projects realized and consequently to not violate or infringe any third party rights, including patents, copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy, publicity, or other intellectual property. Projects protected by copyright will not be used by CNH Industrial;
  • indemnify and hold harmless CNH Industrial from any responsibility or claim should arise from the use and/or reproduction of the Projects in violation of third party rights;
  • meet all the requirements and to have all the rights and authorization for granting the present authorization;
  • to fully accept the terms and conditions of the present Regulation and acknowledge the right of CNH Industrial to do not select the Projects or to exclude them in case the relevant Participant does not comply with all the terms and conditions of the present Regulation.

If the Projects include the discernible image of any person or of a person under age 18, the Participant shall have the consent of each such person or the parent/guardian’s permission before submitting the relevant Projects.

Once a Project is submitted within the present Contest, each Participant agrees to (i) grant CNH Industrial a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, exclusive license to use, reproduce and publish the Project, in any manner or form, and (ii) waive any right concerning the Projects.

It is, therefore, understood that CNH Industrial will have the right to use, at its own discretion, the winning Project for the creation of custom contents for the livery of the Series Wheel Loaders as well as to use the winning Project and the other Projects received from the Participants for promotional and communication purposes related to CNH Industrial corporate image and/or its brands, products and services.

All the Projects may be published in a dedicated page of the website Case Construction Equipment brand’s website and on CNH Industrial social networks.

10.Obligations and warranties

The Social Network platforms are used exclusively as a communication vehicle and in no way the present Contest is sponsored, promoted or administered by and/or in any way associated with

The Promoting Company shall in no way be responsible for any liability for access problems, impediments, malfunctions or difficulties regarding technical tools, computers, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, telephone lines and/or any other impediments of a similar nature which may prevent the Participant from participating to the Contest.

The Promoting Company reserves the right to (i) verify if the winning Participant’s identity corresponds to the one declared during the Website registration phase, by  - for example – requiring the Participant to present his ID or other identification documents and (ii) carry out the checks necessary for verify the compliance with the present Regulation.

The Promoting Company does not assume any liability in the event that:

•             Participants' mailbox is full;

•             Participant's email is incorrect or incomplete;

•             the host computer fails to respond after the confirmation e-mail concerning the receipt of the Projects is sent;

•             the email confirming the win or further emails are not received by the winner as either they have been sent to spam box or they are not be read by the Participant; Participants are required to check, under their own liabilities, their spam inbox and/or their mailbox;

•             the mailbox is disabled;

•             Participants' email is classified within the “junk folder”.


CNH Industrial reserves the right to verify the regular participation and declare a win [...] void, if after the due verifications, should reveal irregular or unfair behavior contrary to the spirit [...]of the Contest.

Any attempted fraud or any inaccurate or false declaration, may cause the immediate exclusion of a Participant from the Contest.

The Promoting Company reserves also the right to bring legal proceeding against any Participant who, by violating the present Regulation, has engaged in fraud behaviours or threatened the regular running of the Contest.

11.Publication of the Regulation

The present Regulation is made available on Website

12.Processing of Personal Data

The persona data collected and processed within the Contest will be processed by CNH Industrial Italia S.p.A., data controller for the Personal data, for the purposes related to the Contest’s participation, in compliance with the applicable personal data protection legislation and according with the Privacy Statement of CNH Industrial Italia S.p.A., that the Participant shall read and consent.